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Moab Trail Half Marathon – Technically AWESOME!

This last Sunday I had the opportunity to run the Moab Trail Half Marathon. I didn’t get a lot of photos, because my phone was in my hydration pack and not easily accessible. I woke Saturday and Sunday morning just feeling icky. Like I was hungover, but I hadn’t had anything to drink. The whole drive to the start line Sunday morning I was car sick. My friend got McDonalds on the way, and I thought I was going to arf all over my shoes just from the smell! I was able to choke down a Honey Stinger Gingersnap Waffle, and it helped settle my stomach a little bit. I loaded up my 1.5L pack with 6 tablets of Nuun Cherry Limeade and two tablets of Nuun Plus, I was hoping once my stomach settled I’d be able to drink out of my hydration pack and it would help stop my chronic swelling. We got to the start line with about 15 seconds before our flight started. This was actually a good thing, because I had no time to let my fears get inside of my head and make me even more sick. Here is my race recap:

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Goblin Valley 50k – Even Better the Second Time Around

The NERC’s Represent!

My 2nd Goblin Valley Half Marathon, Marathon, 50k is now in the books! I will never be fast, but I am determined 💪🏻 I finished in 8:37:33, and I PR’d this race by 9 minutes, and I wasn’t dead last this year!
It was a cold morning, and we had 3 NERC’s present. Lori, Dan, and me. It was a much smaller crowd than last year, but things happen. We all took off together, but it was obvious Dan and Lori were feeling a lot stronger than I was. I always take an eternity to warm up when I’m cold. I encouraged them to continue on at their own pace, and told them I’d see them at the finish line.

I finally warmed up enough by mile 10 to shed my layers. I ran a 1:1 interval plus running all the downhills. After conquering both sides of the bluff and flying on the downhill around mile 20 I was zapped of all energy. I then realized I hadn’t gone pee since mile 5 😳 I switched to a speed walk and started to sip water with every minute interval timer. I still took advantage of every downhill, but felt myself struggle more and more every time I had to push uphill.
Just as I past Little Dead Horse Canyon, I about got clipped by an SUV that was anxious to pass the port a potty truck. It scared me, and I’ll admit it threw my mojo off a little bit. I felt better when I flipped him a double bird salute, and even better when a van cheered me on and told me they’d go run him off the road for me 💗
My watch died at mile 29, so I ran the rest of the race blind. I knew I had to hurry, because I had lost 12:00 when I changed my socks at the turn around. (Which I’m very angry with #injinji. My new socks had a hole in them before I reached 10 miles!) The last two miles felt like an eternity, and after struggling up the last hill I could see the finish line and my heart swelled…. Nope… Never mind… I had to take a left turn and burn down a massive sandill to run through the goblins! This was one of my favorite parts last year, but this year I was hot, tired, and sick. The one thing that kept me going was the van that cheered me on earlier had unloaded, and they were all throughout the park pushing me with words of encouragement.
I fought through the most scenic but painful finish up a flight of stairs where I was greeted by my great friends and race volunteers.
I will be coming back again next year and I will be shaving more time off. Most importantly, I love this course, the park, the race director and her supporting family.
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Pushing to the Finish Line

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